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Joe-railing800X600Here are a collection  of blogs that showcase Joevankas work with creative with nature and what she has been up to throughout the years


Preston Buffet and Robin hood, Summer 2017

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Creative with Nature works with many different clients around the North West of England creating Instillations, Sculpture and Basketry, recently over the summer of 2017 Joevanka took part in a project with Dig In North West. The project was to recreate a picture taken in the first World War at Preston Train Station where local women helped over 3 million service men who were travelling through Preston Train Station on their way to the front lines. The women provided them with hot drinks and blankets to keep them warm as well as putting tags on the blankets with the time of the trains they were catching left so they knew when to wake the men up.

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During the couple of weeks Joe worked with dig in she wove Willow soldiers and women with children from Lea Community Primary School, Ashton Community Science College in Preston, a local dementia friendly group and members of Dig In. It was an inspiring project for Joe, about the project she says, “it really brought home to me the impact of the war on local communities and the importance of kindness no matter how small”.

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The project as well as being a heartwarming experience for everybody who took part it was a massive success at the flower shows Dig in show cased at for example, Tatton flower show and Chorley flower show. Once the flowers shows had finished parts of the World War 2 instillation were taken back to the places they were woven from such as the primary school and science collage as a part of the permanent garden installations to commemorate the Preston buffet.

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Another summer project that Joe did was working with a local company called into the park productions, she was weaving a willow stag and quivers with the company to bring the production of Robin hood to life. The event was held in Todmorden center vale park where the audience would interact with the actors by following them around as they performed, the quivers were used by the children and the actors. The stag was hidden in the woods as a piece of scenery to recreate the royalty that the forest and the kings deer held.

Joe was asked to weave willow quivers with local primary school St. Josephs and a large stag with fernery lee primary school for the production. This took little over a day’s work each and the children enjoyed it as well as Joe.

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In Joe’s words, “I was able to work with small groups on this project which enabled so really fantastic, detailed weaving. I even had a few children wanting to be weavers when they grow up!”.

Working with primary school children was a really great experience. Children were able to come take part in the production and connected event like Todmorden country fair and tell family members and friends about what they had done. The productions as amazing and gained attention from the people of Todmorden. After the project had finished the massive willow stag was left in Center Vale park as a permeant instillation similar to other past projects joe has done like the willow bikes for when the Tour De France ran through Yorkshire in 2014.

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Throughout the year Joe takes part in many community projects with primary schools or other companies like Dig in, the BBC etc. Keep an eye out for these kinds of events via Facebook or see what other things joe is up to such as sculpture courses, basketry courses and more that run weekly. Keep track of other projects on Joes social media
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